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Thread: Selecting good companion on travelling abroad

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    Actually this is my personal bad experience and my advice to others also . Though I don't think every body will get in this kind of trouble .
    Once I had to travel to India with one of my friends, her son studies in St.Paul school Darjeeling, and we started in the late February , so we were there in the Early March, it was not very cold then in Darj.
    As I travelled to India before and always with my dad , I didn't have such strange experience of travelling with some one else. I am saying this because , from the begining she was dominating me in every steps , like she put her son's heavy dresses in my suitcase , and for that she told me before that I must take big suitcase , because I need a lot of things . But she put her son's dresses in my suitcases and made it over weight.
    Then she took away my passport, and throughout the juorney she kept my passport with her . While I asked for that passport she said why I want that ??
    I was trying to fold my legs for blood circulation ,she was saying with anger ,why I am doing this with my legs ? She doesn't know science and doesn't know about circulatory problems , so I didn't talk to her .
    Later when we wre in Train going to Kolkata from Guahati, a girl was travelling with us , and while I was talking with her , my friend became angry and asked me what I was telling her ??/? I was talking about movie .
    When in Darjeeling , we went to Jimkhana club , that is the branch of the Saturday Club, we met the president there , and as he was very friendly old man , he was talking about the Bangladeshi female singer Rizwana Chowdhury Bonya, and said she is his favorite , I was also praising her and talked something about religon too. My friend then whispered in my ear and said why I was talking about such delicate issue ???
    But on the train , she started talking to a man while sleeping . I was so angry and surprised to have this kind of companion , that I promised would never travel with her . She was drinking Cola on train , as I told her not to drink Cola on travel ,she said " Oh you have no knowledge about travel " etc . But Cola causes increased urination ,she doesn't know that, and she suffered . Then she gave her mobile no to that man and that young man sent her some very nasty sms and picture ,she showed to me . Then she asked for my camera , and she took snaps , but didn't give it back to me , later she destroyed my camera though said sorry to me.

    She wanted to show a lot about her , but became angry if anyone comes to talk with me not with her. and trying to control what I say to people .

    Now I was really upset and my journey was spoilt. As I act like robot to avoid boys comment on street , I was just acting like that with her , my instinct was frozen . I became too much angry with her , but could not do anything there lest she make any dangerous situation that I can't manage .

    Later I never went to anywhere as she requested me again and again. As she is kind of an ignorant one cannot understand psychology and try to take chance on everyone . It's better rather travelling alone .

    As this is about SukhDukh , so I wrote this as my bad experience of Dukh.

    But friends , be careful about dominating friends while travelling.(but not helping friends)

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    Read about your bad experience.. I guess we all have a lot of interesting experiences especially while travelling..

    They say known devil is better than unknown angel.. but I guess in your case it didn't quite work that way...

    I once travelled to Delhi while in college with my friends and we were going on an excursion cum study tour.. we were in an unreserved bogie and we had 4 eunuchs as our co-passengers and we were so scared and uncomfortable... believe me... kept requesting our profeesor that we can take another train...

    But after a while got talking and then realized they were harmless and actually quite warm and believe it or not normal...

    Felt bad for actually thinking bad about them..

    But tum ne theek kaha.. Its better to be cautious..

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    Rada it is really horrible with eunuchs , but why horrible ? They are better than my friend!!! Because they violated you by their appearance only , but my friend violated me lke an Octopus , and since then whever I went abroad for travel her memoery chases me, !!!!!!!!

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