Some Financial Aid Resources:

Federal Financial Aid - Students can usually apply their financial aid (including loans) to assist in covering the cost of study abroad. Federal financial aid is governed by Chapter IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. In the most recent reauthorization, very clear and forceful language was inserted stating that it is legal to use federal aid for student abroad if the credit earned by the student is approved by the home institution.

State Financial Aid - State financial aid may also be available for study abroad. This may come in a number of forms, and supplemental aid for summer study is possible.

Institutional Aid - This is aid funded by the student's home educational institution. Institutional scholarships may be restricted to study only at the home institution or programs sponsored by the home institution.

Private Aid - This is aid that is neither governmental nor institutional. It sometimes includes requirements that it be used in specific colleges or for study in specific geographic regions.

Program Sponsor Aid - Many US sponsored programs may offer some scholarships and grants for students accepted on their programs and for use on their programs.