This is to bring to your kind notice that, I Balwant Singh Garia, am
an Indian national living and working in Thailand for last 14-15
years, having a respectful job in Bangkok, Thailand.

On May 17, 2009, I had a misfortune of having my computer, air
ticket, cash and passport stolen by taxi driver at the Suvarnabhumi
airport in Bangkok. I was leaving for England on a business trip on
that fateful day.

Having secured a valid police report and photocopies of my passport
and other necessary documents, I approached the Indian Embassy for
issuance of a new passport, in the last week of May 2009.

My job requires frequent traveling to other countries like Europe &
U.S.A to secure business for the company. Without a passport and
unable to travel for business for the company, my well paying job is
at stake.

Please also note that I am married to a Thai national and have a
growing up daughter of 5 years. As the mother is not living in
Thailand, I also have to take care of my daughter singly. My daughter
is a Thai national.

I Will not be allowed to reside in Thailand without a proper passport
& visa and not be able to take care of my young daughter. My present
visa to stay in Thailand expires soon.

Itís been nearly more than 5 months since I made a request for
issuance of a new passport but I am yet to receive a satisfactory
reply from the officials at Indian Embassy in Bangkok. I even have
been told that it could take months or years before a new passport
could be made which I find very disturbing. I, being an Indian citizen
feel quite disappointed and discouraged to find myself in this
helpless situation in a foreign country.

I think the embassy officials are under a false impression that this
is my third passport that has been lost where as the fact is that my
two earlier passports were DAMAGED & NOT STOLEN OR LOST.

Photocopies of both the canceled passports were presented with the application.

I hope you can shed some lights in this matter and let me know
what to do or if you are capable of helping in any capacity to avail
my passport.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Balwant Singh Garia