People have always been fascinated by Gemstones since Ages. An astrological Gemstone is referred to a precious stone which has the power to heal a problematic sphere of life. If a correct gemstone is worn as per proper guidance after a through study of a person’s horoscope, it has the power to transform a person’s life immensely. Gemstones are very effective to enhance career and increasing wealth.

The Word Gem, which translated in Hindi mean “ RATNA” was first mentioned in the sacred Vedas thousands of years ago. Our Ancestors had recognized the power and importance of Gems and used them immensely and this knowledge spread far & wide across different countries and civilizations. Thus evolving into Gemology.

The rational of using the correct Gemstones is Simple they are worn for 2 proposes, firstly to Enhance the effects of Weak wealth giving Planets in a persons horoscope and to strengthen them in order for them to give enhanced results and secondly to prevent the evil effects of certain planets .

Different gemstones have different colors and each color has a certain type of vibration which is highly sensitive and works differently person to person. These colors create energy waves when they are worn close to the body , our body absorbs these energy waves and as a result they enhance the quality of a persons life and also help as a shield against varies evils.


Planet Gem Stone Indian Name
Sun Ruby Manik
Moon Pearl Moti
Mars Red Coral Moonga
Mercury Emerald Panna
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj
Venus Diamond Heera
Saturn Blue Sapphire Neelam
Rahu Hessonite Gomedh
Ketu Cat's Eye Lahasunya

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