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Thread: The Best quality Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter!!!!

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    (Y) Hai friends,

    The LaserReady LR1612 Laser Engraver & Laser Cutter is the reliable, compact laser engraver/cutter for a business, at the price of a high-end printer. You won't be sacrificing performance or quality with up to 59 inches per second speed at a max resolution of 1000 dpi. The laser cutter/engraver software is very simple and can be driven from your favorite software to output graphics. The LR1612 construction design is compact so it can be placed on a desk or tabletop near your PC. The laser cutter and engraver is an ideal device for creating prototypes, parts, packaging, gift cards, advertising specialties and more. The non-contact laser process will not distort like most other materials do such as mechanical cutting. Also, clamping parts down is unnecessary because the laser beam travels through the air to the material. Extremely fine detail in cutting is possible only with laser devices, from the ease of your workspace. Create your graphic image and produce a physical piece immediately with the LaserReady LR1612 compact laser engraver and laser cutter device.

    :-D Features

    Resolution user controlled up to 1000 dpi .
    40 Watt CO2 laser .
    Laser engraving and cutting speed upto 59 inches per second.
    Working Space - Working Space - 16 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches (W, L, D). This is the space available for the laser to cut and engrave .
    Compatible with Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows XP/2000 .
    Compatible with most major design packages. (e.g., Corel Draw, AutoCAD)
    Standard Material Placement & Removal - Hinged lift top.
    Ships with communication cable, power cord, engraving software, user manual and water circulation device.
    Optional Items - Vector Cutting Table, exhaust blower, air compressor.
    Desktop Construction designed for desks or tables. Convenient size fits most anywhere. Ideal for small format laser engraving and laser cutting projects.
    Power cables plug into standard AC outlet.
    Standard 1-Year Warranty on Parts.

    ;-) visit for enquiry- [url]http://www.worldlasers.com/producthighlights_lr_1612.htm[/url]

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    Thanx for posting...

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