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Thread: Institutions Offering Radio Jockey Courses

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    Thumbs up RJ Workshop in Chennai

    im a 2nd yr b.tech student i want to b a part time r.j can any1 tell me
    about a course that i can persue right now so as to get a job as an rj as soon as i pass
    i would be really delighted if there exist some course that i can persue at this under graduate level[/QUOTE]

    Greetings from Amadeus Media !!!

    Amadeus Media is mainly a media education center, but we also extend our services to technical expertise involving acoustic solutions, AV-integration and record label. Our mission is to offer quality and dynamic education and service to march towards excellence together.

    At Amadeus we provide RJ Workshop for interested people. Please feel free to contact me "mailus@amadeusmedia.in". Workshop is scheduled to start by 17th Sept. Registrations happening currently. Kindly refer any candidate who is will be interested. We can even workout some discounts for candidates referred from your end.

    Other Courses Offered by us:
    1. Audio Engineering
    2. Video Post Production
    3. Photography
    4. Music Production

    Please check our website for details : www.amadeusmedia.in

    Thanks & Regards,
    Felix - Marketing Manager
    Amadeus Media Pvt Ltd
    9380343035 / 9884406345

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    Earlier people never used to take radio jockey as a serious career. But today this is one of the demanding and descent job. Even several noted institutes such as Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad offers radio jockey courses to polish the work of RJ. If you have good communication skills then you can think about this job.

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    RJ radio jockey

    hello beena, you should’ve crisp, clear, knowhow of every little piece of musicology before you be a RJ. Even though no education sets you back, a degree or minimum + two is regarded as pre requisite. Don't think RJ’s are like VJ’s, like doing nothing but munching heavily. No, radio jockeys aren’t like that. Spread of radio FM channels is the main thing that made energetic RJ’s more popular. RJ’s have knowledge. RJ’s know how to say something in attractive, sophisticated voice. However, they clearly conveys the intended message. Radio Jockey’s are even tactful before they say any new sentence. Because they knows that their radio listeners are from college students to working professionals to auto drivers, and many others. Learn to be an RJ at:
    • Centre for research in art of film and television – Siri Fort College , Rohini Institutional Area, Delhi – Call: 32916868
    • Academy of Radio management – at Hauz Khaz Village in New Delhi – Call: 9911970555
    • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication - VMDL Campus, Bandra Reclamation in Mumbai – Call: 26427171

    Thus, Radio Jockey’s communicates without boring you.
    • should know how to interact with top executive to poor dabbawalas
    • know the latest music charts and should be ready to call a spade as spade
    • interact with listeners as according to their age

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    Thumbs up

    Here is the list of top ten institutes offering radio jockey courses in India, check it out.
    • Academy of Radio Management (ARM), Delhi/NCR.
    • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Noida.
    Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
    • Futuristix Media Communication Centre (FMCC), Delhi/NCR.
    Certified Professional Course in Radio Jockeying
    • C.I.N.E.M.A(Cosmic Institution of Neo Entertainment,Media &Arts)Delhi/NCR.
    Radio Jockey (RJ)
    • EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Mumbai.
    Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
    • .EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, Kolkata.
    Diploma in Radio Jockeying & Programming (RJ)
    • Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), Delhi/NCR.
    PG Diploma in Radio Jockey

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    This is not an easy process to get certified as a Radio Jockey as previously it was done without much effort. What is best required from you is your common sense and good sense of humor to become a perfect audio jockey. A talkative person finds this job very lucrative as they can speak on endlessly without full stop for a heavy package salary. You can get certified course from various destinations of India. But some of the best institutes are like ILM Academy , Ireboot, Academy Of Broadcasting, Sound Footing, Pran\'s Media Institute and Academy of Radio Management (ARM) which provides courses and also in helping build a good career.

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