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Thread: Book for learning tamil language

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    I d like to know the name and auther of best book for learning of tamil language.

    I have almost learnt letter so I want to have book which explain grammer in english but using tamil letter for showing example of sentence.

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    Hi Samvisham,
    Thank you very much for asking!! I love to learn different languages . Guess what i know can speak seven language its crazy right. I learned by reading and speaking must of the time i speak if its wrong also the people will help me a lot. I hope that you have lot of friends who will help you with the language. Also there are books like thirty day learning book !!
    I know some of the author called Harold F. Schiffman he use the best way of grammar and simple teaching, may i can give u the web address you can look though


    and also you can long on to [url]http://www.indiaclub.com[/url]

    Thank you

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