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Thread: Tier 1 VISA

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    Hi all,

    If any one could help me in filing Tier1 visa. I have printout of all the salary slips, comapny HR don't want to give/sign any letter from the company.

    I have all the appointment letter , offer lettre, company ID card, My salary directley transferred to the bank but the company name is not mentioned in the statment, some how I managed to get the letter from the bank like from which company salary gets credited in the account. All the salary slips getting matched with the bank statment but these are not signed by the HR.

    Please advise, is it right to continue with the same stat.

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    Its OK if you have got some sort of proof that you are being paid from this company then I think it should be OK.
    but I am thinking why you have to show your salary slips and all, do you need to show your balance in your account, I suppose. ;-)

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