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Thread: How to renew Indian driving lincese from USA?

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    I live in the US and have an OCI card and a West Bengal driving license. My license expires in a couple of months and I do not plan to travel to India until next year. Is there a way to renew my license before it expires while residing in US? Thanks for your help.

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    Dear friend,
    The problem which you facing is very different , In order to renew your DL it can be possible by coming back to INDIA, there are certain procedure to be fallowed in order to renew your driving license.You must submit the fallowing after you come back to India.

    The expired driving license, Medical Certificate, 2 copies of photograph and
    Renewal fee

    Why not you can Apply for the International Driving license ? its valid though out the world. In order to get that kind of DL if your interested please log on to the fallowing Link :


    Thank you

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