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Thread: how to get expired passport renewed

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    In the yerar 2000 i got the visa for UK i got visiter visa of 6 months and i had over stayed there for 2 yrs. when i came to know about that my passport was expiered after 4mth. i consulted the indian embassy in Uk but they refused to renew the passport there and they canclled the passport there and issued the TRAVELING docoment to me and withe the help of it i came back to india now on ahemdabad airport they took that travelling document and said that u have to submit it over here and now it's of no use for u. now when i consultedt the ahemdabad passport office they are asking for that TRAVELLING document.
    so it's my humble request to guide me for the renew of the passport or how to get new passport

    your's truly.
    Nitinkumar.s. gajjar

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    Hi Nithin kuma,
    Its really confused situation, I hope that you can renew you passport. But the travelling doc which you haven't got sorry about it. There are some ways you can get new passport for example you can apply for renewal passport and get more information from the office. I am also wondering if its possible, I think its possible you can get go and log on to the fallowing website. and let me know if it helps you or not ,


    Thank you for the question i hope that you will get more answers

    your regards

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