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Thread: Why do celebrities adopt children?

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    do celebrities adopt children to show off or becoz they care about wretched people? whats ur opinion?

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    it's just show off.

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    Hi Neati,

    Well its not right to generalize that they only do it to show off. A lot of celebrities take advantage of their fame and provide for the poor...They are a part of charitable trusts and do their bit..

    Adoption might be an easy way for them to have a family without going thro the usual trials associated with child birth..

    There are also celebrities who might do it just to stay in news, but quite a lot of them do it genuinely.

    Adopting a child is easy as they have money and contacts to complete the legal procedures quickly, but they must care for the child also and not act as though they have done a great favor and the child is lucky to be part of their family..


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    My opinion is that, what ever the reason behind the adoption, if it is serving the purpose (in this case, giving the care and facilities a child might need) then it is good.

    For that matter, even I sponsor a child in India (Tamil Nadu, through an agency). She lives with her biological parents but I provide for all the expenditure which the child incurs (education, health care, books, food, cloths etc). I haven’t done this because I want to show off…I have done this to give back something to the world which has given me a chance to do so. Now the child has become a part of my family and we exchange letters. She is but 5 years old but I intend to help her finish her education, no matter what.
    Same could be the case with many celebrities.

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    pseudoname > Absolutely Right !!!!!!!!!!!!

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