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Thread: What do you want your child to learn during this summer?

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    I have been bombarded with summer camp options for my son who is 12 years and my daughter 8 years. While, every institute, school offers various activities, I started analyzing what do they actually offer. Following are my observations.

    The most common are:

    1. Painting/Colouring
    2. Singing
    3. Dancing
    4. Tennis
    5. Swimming and the list is endless.

    Well all those are important, but what I was looking for was really missing. Then I come across a program based on NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), which is a science of personal excellence.

    What do they train your child on?

    1. Study Skills: Are the study skills important? Well, unfortunately it is yes because the schools only teach what to study, than how to study?

    The learning skills using Whole Brain Learning methodologies are important for a child to be super achiever in Life and in School.

    To achieve excellent results we need to adopt the traditional way of teaching to powerful teaching methodologies which children love. Training methodologies involves "WHOLE BRAIN" instead of just the left brain which is what is happening in the today's academic environment.

    The powerful 11 step study process for the children using above mentioned methodologies which will help them to excel in their exam.

    What will your Child achieve if they follow the 11 Step Study Process?

    1. Be more motivated towards studying
    2. Have a better strategy and focus towards scoring high
    3. Achieve exceptional results by creating a new belief of possibilities
    4. Set their target and achieve their GOALS
    5. Manage time more effectively so as to balance between Study and other activities
    6. Use the Whole Brain system and develop higher Memory and retention capabilities
    7. Start saying "I LOVE EXAMS", thereby face exams with no fear, tension or stress

    Super Memory - Techniques to develop a super memory for better performance in exams. This includes Principles of Memory, Techniques of Linking, Pegging, Trigger Technique and Similar Sound methodology.

    Speed Reading - Scientific facts have proven that Speed Reading increases the concentration of children while studying. Learning the techniques of Speed Reading will improve the reading speed from 200 - 300 words to as much as 900-1200 words per minute.

    Visual Spelling - A challenge faced by many students in scoring well is their difficulty with spelling especially for scientific terms. The Visual Spelling Strategy a technique based on NLP eases this process and helps them to spell and remember any number of tough words.

    Whole Brain Notes Making - Children learn how to make notes that are exiting, fun, and easy to comprehend and remember. This is a powerful tool to speed up the revision process during the exams. Techniques such as Mind Mapping, Cluster Mapping, Picture Diagrams etc. would learnt by the children

    Learning is fun - Many students are not aware on the techniques and strategies for preparing for exams. A learning process called as the 11 - Step Study Process specially crafted for the students makes them achieve more than what they thought was possible. The 11 steps would make studying more exciting and in the process start enjoying even writing exams.

    Time Management - Today's students are amidst a lot of activities pursuing their education, their extra curricular activities, their interests and hobbies etc. This session helps students to prioritize time and enjoy studies, fun and leisure.

    Life skills

    Children are caught between wanting to do something for themselves and for others. They do not understand "WHY" they study, "WHY" they need to achieve success in life. Parents want their children to do well and so do teachers. Teachers push children to perform better.

    Every Child in the summer camp learn:

    1. Understand the Purpose of their life
    2. Realize how important parents are and how important listening to them is
    3. Realize they are "GIFTED"
    4. Understand their responsibility
    5. Set their Life Goals to give them a higher motivation of life
    6. Achieve Self Motivation and understand Success Principles followed by Super Achievers

    Design life's blueprint - Children understand the purpose of studying by setting their goals. Success of a student is defined by clear goals. With the kids writing down their goals clearly, they direct all their energy towards achieving the same.

    "Success happens by CHOICE not by Chance!!"
    Self Motivational Skills - Children will learn to choose the state of motivation and enthusiasm which would assist and help them to learn more effectively. Children will not remain lazy longer, procrastinate their work but will take immediate action and face many things without fear.

    Relationship building with Parents and Siblings - It is important that children understand and cherish the relationship with Parents and Siblings as they are very important in a child's life. The children are made to understand why they must respect and listen to parents and that whatever parents do is for their welfare. This is done as part of the various relationship sessions conducted.

    Empowering Beliefs - Children set higher targets for themselves and achieve success by developing empowering beliefs. They must eliminate all negative limiting beliefs such as "I am not intelligent", "I am poor in maths", "this subject is too boring and difficult" etc. They develop powerful beliefs such as "Past =/= Future", "Anything is possible, it is the question of right strategy", "For things to change, I must change 1st" and many more.

    Life values & Principles - Children will powerful life values that will help them to excel in their life. They will understand and learn about "Responsibility", Ownership", "Commitment & Flexibility"

    All techniques used in the Summer camp program are based on the No. 1 Science of Personal Excellence called NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a science of achievement and is a manual for the effective functioning of the brain. It is not about telling them to change for better but it about making them realize it? Is there a difference? There is a whale of difference between the two facts. That is what makes this program unique and changes the mindset of children producing exceptional results.

    This summer, I have decided to put my children on these programs in Only success Leadership academy ([url]www.onlysuccess.net/skst[/url]) in Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore, 080-4095 3256, which I am sure will help them to shape their life and they will be confident to face the real world.

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    Hi shri you rockksss buddy...

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    Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Hey it sounds amazing. If I knew earlier as a child then definitely I would have done Neuro Linguistic Programming. Parents should think about this course for their children to make them confident and successful in their life. Thnx for sharing this information with everyone.

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