I am currently studying advertising in Miami and I moved to the states about 10 months ago. I received financial aid from India, but they have so many rules and policies, that I they are not covering any of my living expenses anymore. Very soon I will be in a lot of trouble because the money that I am getting from the bank will soon not be enough even to cover my tuition. I am not allowed to work here, and I have no one to help me out. I thought i would apply for a loan here, but I need a co signer. It has been almost impossible to find one, as it is a big risk for people. If any one has any advice on what I can do, I will be grateful.

I have even considered drastic measures such as becoming an egg donor to make money. I really do need help.
I am not sure what I can do, so I thought I would post it on this forum.

I will be very grateful of someone would co-sign a loan for me and help a fellow Indian out.