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Thread: How to cope with teenage tantrums

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    Yesterday my 14 yr old sneaked out of house until 1 AM. I am not sure that he really understood why I was so worried and thought that I was just giving him a lecture. He thought I was being overprotective. How to make him understand?

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    The best way to cope with teenage tantrums is to maintain a friendly relation with them. Don't pressurised them. Try to aviod their mistakes and to make them understand politely.

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    Hi Anshu,

    I can understand your worry,,, As parents we tend to go overboard with our anxiety when it comes to our children... and children feel its nothing unusual...

    Teenagers are a mass of confusion as they sit on the fence between their childhood and adulthood.

    They want to have the freedom of being an adult but without the associated responsibilities and it is confusing for them, and they perceive any interference from the parents as a restriction of their freedom and growth.

    You should be able to control your own stress before confronting your childs...Communication is the key...talk to him. build confidence and teach them the value of time...

    Have ground rules when it comes to partying or going out with friends.

    Don't try to track his movements as it will annoy him to heights.. Be his friend so he'll be comfortable sharing his schedules/ plans with you..


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