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Thread: adoption of a baby girl

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    new delhi
    Hi, i am 35 years old and single. please guide me, am i eligible to adopt a baby? what are the criteria for adoption of a baby? is it necessary to marry fro adoption?

    please guide

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    Thumbs up you can definetly adopt

    You can definetly adopt the baby. You can contact adoption agency recognised by women and child devt dept in your town. they will provide you all the details and proceedure about the adoption.

    You can find more details about the adoption in http://cara.nic.in/ad_procedure_in_country.htm

    All the best

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    Hi Menaka,
    I really appreciate your interest. You can adopt the baby. There are many orphanages and adoption agencies. You can adopt a baby from there. Recently I visit to different orphanages. There are girl and boys children as well. They looking for the support in different modes.

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    seeking very Dark or DARK Skinned Twin boys or single boy who will be born by

    This is for pradeepchristudoss1974

    In past i see that you have contacts in this area. We are seeking Twin boys or single boy who will be born by or before Nov or Dec 2011. MUSt come from DARK skinned to VERY DARk parents. We have had 4 mis-attepmts with surrogacy in the past 2 years trying for twin boys

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    Smile How to adopt a child

    International adoptions are arranged through the help of private agencies. Unlike domestic adoptions in Canada and the US where you have the option of searching for a child yourself, with overseas adoptions you have to leave everything up to your agency. Many provide a full range of pre- and post-adoptive services, and work with more than one country.
    Before choosing an agency, you need to choose a country from which to adopt. Keep in mind that although new doors are opening all the time, not every country overseas allows foreigners to adopt from within its borders. In recent years, the most popular source of overseas infants for Canadians has been China, Russia, Vietnam, and Korea.

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    Surrogate Mother

    If you are looking for a good, clean, hygienic, educated, good looking and smart surrogate mother who would give birth to a beautiful baby to complete your family, then please e-mail your details to surrogatemotherindia@ gmail.com

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