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Thread: How to deal with Mother in Law

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    I am Married for 15 years . My mother whenever she is visiting my inlaws she will bring some sweets as per indian traditions . Now my mil is telling your mom is coming empty handed everytime. What should i do,should i take it as a fate of an Indian bahu to listen to all lies or should i start counting & tell her whatever she brought.

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    i think bringing sweets or fruits is obsolete now. she shuld carry some small gifts to make ur mil happy. it wud definitely work. i guess after few gifts she wud be tight lipped.

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    Hey, why u r bothering ur mother to bring something in ur MIL home?? Rather then listen silently to ur Mom-in-law why dont u tell her straight fwdly tht my mom already given her precious things to u, her daughter, after tht wht is the requirement of any other gift???

    And if she would not stopped commenting you, you can always start counting the gifts ur mother has given to ur mom-in-law and if you repeat this 2-3 times i can bet ur mom-in-law would stop commenting.

    And, in my view keep silent is not the solution of any problem, you have to fight for ur rights....

    Monika Gupta

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    Yes ..i agree with moni.
    You can tell ur mother -in-law that i cannot tolerate aginst my mother and so please dont say like this. And remind her that everytikem ur mother carries sweets for you guys.

    Never allow her to talk anything wrong for your mother.

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    Yes,definately speak about your problem, remaining silent is not the solution.

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    just tell her...she doesnt deserve to ask anythg...its just abt sweets boss...

    u never know what she might ask you tomorrow???

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    tell your mom not to come to your place often.... as she s ur mom she ll understand.. i ve done the same thing :)

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