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Thread: passport

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    i am marine electrical officer in merchant navy
    i got my passport in january2010 and lost it in july
    how can i get newone i need to get it by end of august can i get in that time i need to onboard after august 1st week

    please give the needfull information.....

    raja sekhar

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    apply passport office again with your document and tell the reason at that place.

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    If you have lost the passport . you can apply for reissue of passport

    Application for lost passport

    orginal copy of the FIR field with the nearest police station
    Proof of address
    proof of date of birth
    Self attested photo copy of the first two and the last two pages including ECR/ non ECRpage of old passport if available

    And now you can get very easy the passport their is passport mela so you get it very fast you need to submit the perfect documents

    Download applications from www.passport india.gov.in and fill it

    Hope this will surely help you to get soon passport

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