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Thread: Exam stress in teenagers

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    I am a 15 years old. Whenever exams approach I get really stressed. Also I am constantly worried about what others think of me. Should I get opinion of a psychologist?

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    The best stress buster for exams is to work hard and be prepared. Psychologists will only suggest you to develop coping skills, so until you are really helpless and have made all your efforts already, its no use visiting them. Keep the other people's opinion out of your mind for now because you are most responsible and answerable to your future self than any other person. Make a timetable and stick to it. Practice the answers for all the important questions and practice your numericals well. Take your own tests and exams. Being ready for anything will make you more confident.

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    Examinations are a time of anxiety and nervousness -- not only for the students but also the parents.

    To increase productivity and take the exams well, it is also necessary -- besides studying hard -- to focus on eating habits, sleep patterns, mental and physical fitness.

    A balanced diet is important, especially during examinations. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide children reserves of energy and increase their ability to concentrate.

    Have a small meal prior to the exam; it will help you to be more wakeful during the exam. A heavy meal will make you sluggish.

    Exam time means a lot of reading, writing, stress and strain. Make sure not to overexert or strain the eyes.

    Make sure there is ample light in the room where the child is studying. Reading with a night lamp is a strict no-no....

    Rest your eyes after half an hour of continuous reading; blinking helps. Avoid rubbing the eyes. Splash cold water instead.

    Do not compromise on sleep,staying awake all night to study is not good.. Do not hit the bed immediately after studies; a few minutes are needed to get out of the 'books mode.'

    A short walk, a glass of water or just glancing through magazines before going off to sleep will help de-stress.

    Going for walk, swim cycling are great ways to de stress during exams.. You can also play board games or read comic books...

    Talk about things other than examination. This will have a relaxing effect. Share some jokes, some interesting anecdotes of the day to lighten up the atmosphere at home.

    Practice deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation exercises as part of your daily routine and use them during the examinations.


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