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Thread: I want to adopt a Muslim baby

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    Dear We married 12 years ago and till now we do not have kids. Both of us had gone full check up but there are no problems on both side. Doctor says that pray to GOD. But now we are willing to adopt a Muslim baby. We reside in Delhi and much capable to all parental duties. I need baby not older than 6 months. Any one who is ready to help, let us know on our email id [email]raghib_jas@yahoo.com[/email]

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    I suggest you to register yourself to any adoption agency in your place so that you can legally adopt the child. But it will not be possible for you to get only Muslim child. Kids come to orphanages and adoption centers from different back grounds. In 99% of cases no one will know their religion. You can go though below website for more details.


    I Hope this helps

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    Thanks for giving some Help as a good citizen. I thought no one would answer it.Now it is much better to have a response,and now I will make a decision to adopt a child.Real success comes in small portions day by day. You need to take pleasure in life's daily little treasures. It is the most important thing in measuring success.

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