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Thread: Phir bhi dil hai hindustani

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    Hi… i am an Indian.. living in kuwait for the last eight years… All my Indian brothers who are here have the same story.. we didn’t want to leave our country but had no choice…
    i wanted to say to all my friends that we can help people in our country… i haven’t forgotten my village… we really need to wake up and do something in our villages… there should be nationwide awareness campaigns like Jaago Re so that our youth don’t have to leave their homes and go to alien places be it within the country or outside…

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    I am totally agree with you.
    Being away from the family and your motherland, really sucks. It can't be said that we really don't have any option and if someone don't find it, create it. Definately this is not that easy but there is always a chance to overcome with any problem. I would like suggest all the NRIs who really don't want anyone to pass through this pain, please help your country in anyway you can. One more thing your India lives in your heart, never feel that you are away from home rather create one more India wherever you are. This is also a way to promote the beautiful culture and traditions of the country, you love so much.
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