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Thread: NRI Arranged marriage with a kuri from Punjab.....advice please...

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    My family have found a kuri that is compatible with me star signs and all and even I like her from our initial few meetings. She is 25 I am 30 years old. Shes pretty and has standard education MCOM which I believe is like college. She and all families concerned have told me there will be no complaints or issues from the girl and she seems quite open to working hard etc.

    I probably couldn't ask for more but in my heart I am scared that this may not work as we may be incompatible I think I may be looking for issues before I give her a change. We are not engaged or anything although I agreed to the rishta last week.

    What advice and experiences have other NRI's had? This is really important as things have changed for my generation and I am now in 2 minds and really would appreciated.

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    Arrange marriages be like that only. You like something without knowing everything and in my point of view; this is the best part of a relationship. Arrange marriages be always considered more long lasting where everyone is not agree rather supportive as well.
    What is making you scared about the girl? Her profile or her education? Listen we have many examples when a girl has proved herself after marriage. I am not saying that you should blindly go with your family but try to find out more about the girl and then make a judgment that either she is suitable for you or not. Do it as fast as possible.
    As far as other NRIs are concerned, they still prefer to marry with an Indian girl who can retain their culture and tradition in other countries.

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