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Thread: How to control Anger in Teenagers

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    I understand that anger is the most difficult emotion to handle especially for teenagers. At this time they begin to properly understand their emotions and can also openly express them. Generally frustration with something or get their feelings hurt by others is the result for misunderstanding. My son is 14 and he also gets upset very easily and I dont know how to handle him.What is the correct thing to do?

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    help them in resolving the issue, never use rude words and stop spanking. tell them about everything frankly and discuss.

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    my son is 14 years old , he gets mad very easily , he thinks he is alwyas right and im always wrong. if he doesnt get whar he wants he start yelling , and smaking the door of his room .he forgets all the good stuff that i do for him , he only tells about the punishement that i do for him .

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    Teenage is a very difficult time for those who are going through it as well as their parents. The kids no longer remain kids and they are yet to become adults. The peer pressure is high and the emotions confused. During this time, the parents need to tread with much care and caution. Heart to heart conversations and understanding, rather than scolding, is needed at this stage. Parents need to be there with their kids all the time.

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    You can ask him to try this: When you find yourself getting angry, take a little time-out. Take some deep breaths or visualize yourself somewhere more calm. Return to the situation with a clear head and you’ll be better suited to dealing with your problems. Also, be sure not to act on impulse when anger takes hold. You may say something that you regret. Instead, take a couple of seconds to think about how you feel and how you can present those feelings in a way that won’t make the situation any worse

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    dear "gaga" and "caline",
    just check out the "school-life", "social-life",and "relation with parents" of your child.
    do not react on his panicks as much as possible and that doesn't mean that you will accept any unfair wanting of your child.
    both the parents,start going for a walk or yoga in the morning and try to take along your child, "but do not force him for it".
    go for excursions, picnics (more often) with any family who have a friend of your child.

    hope these are going to help you in a more targetted way!

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