Hey everyone, my name is Neha, and my mother is Indian and my father is Russian,
I am married to a french man.
We had a daughter 13 years ago.
She is beautifull, and she now wants to wear a Saari, she wants to wear it for Christmas/Diwali (we celebrate both on the 25th because of her school)
and the thing is I live in a small town and Im not sure where to get one...
Ive never lived in India (i was born and grew in Moscow)
So I need some help
I dont want something too revealing like this...
I though she could wear a long sleeve shirt with a skirt
like these
What do you think? Where can I order a Saari online? Im sorry to ask this but Ive worn once a saari and it was a wedding... can someone please help me?
thanks alot