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Thread: These days, you're lucky to be Indian!

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    These days, you're lucky to be Indian!

    You know that the Indian economy is booming. You're lucky to be Indian. No time could be better than now! But getting the right information can be challenging. Watch the video at: http://signup.insiderinvestments.in/?src=nri for information on why this is so and what you can do about it!

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    I am always lucky because I am Indian and the booming economy canít start a chemical reaction into my mind which will help me in feeling lucky about India.
    India is not just a country where we stay; it is our faith in an unseen emotional bonding, which unites people from different culture, languages and religion.
    Well still thanks for sharing the link, which is telling the story of our success in the market.
    India has to do many such things to prove it globally and I know the day is very close when we all will contribute in its success.

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