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Thread: Sindoor Tere Naam Ka TV Serial on Zee TV

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    Well Sindoor is an interesting serial to begin with. Especially where Vedhika acts as a mad girl She performs very well, she is excellent.
    Her husbands name in the serial is Dhruv . Sindoor is a serial wich makes people, especially many girls to dream .Logically, can a son, son-in-law or husband be like Dhruv?I mean he is too kind-hearted to be true. All those who’ve watched Sindoor
    knowz how he is.But Its not the same in reality.

    Next is about Niharika whose role is a vilain, infact she is a vilain in reality! She's quite beautiful. Some people may get da idea of doing these things.
    In sindoor there are some original scenes which make viewing enjoyable.

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    Hi all,
    “Sindoor Tere Naam Ka” is a Hindi serial that has aired since 2005 and was origianally based on the Vedika who has the phobia of the traditional auspicious symbol of the sindoor. The serial deals with her marriage to a sane man Dhruv. Kirti Gaikwad, the protagonist of Zee's Kammal, plays Gurdip's elder sister. The rest of the cast includes Naresh Suri, Shweta Gautam, Jayati Bhatia (of Vagina Monologues fame) Sachin Shroff and Kishori Shahane.A gruelling challenge beckons Vedika. The ploy that she used to get close to Dhruv, has infact taken him away from her. Dhruv is reeling under the sorrow of loosing the love of his life - Vedika. On the other hand, Vedika has to prove to the family that she is in fact alive. In times of distress, Aarti pledges her support to Dhruv, and solemnizes their relationship through wedlock. In a bid to end her miseries, Niharika attempts suicide, but is saved by Rudra (Virendra’s illegitimate son) who also nurses her back to good health. A relationship blossoms between them. Together they vow to take revenge against Virendra Raizada. With the help of Titli Mami and her husband Rajan, the twosome returns to the Raizada sehold, to avenge their miseries. What follows is an ensuing battle to protect the sanctity of the vibrant red that dons the forehead of the married woman.

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