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Thread: Income & lifestyle in Dubai

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    Thoughts on matter: Are incomes and lifestyle in Dubai much better than those in Delhi or Mumbai?

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    Incomes in Dubai as in most of the Gulf countries are better than Delhi or Mumbai. This is because Gulf countries have loads of money (thanks to oil) but lack qualified professionals. Hence, they offer better salaries to lure professionals from other countries. As incomes are better so is the lifestyle.

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    Hey Johnson,

    Even though your post is considerable distant past, forgive me for replying to it now… there is a reason for this: everyone, or rather everyone, these days eyes on going to Gulf countries for a better income… therefore, I thought your post is still significant in today’s times… Well, as Deepak says income and lifestyle in Dubai are better than in Delhi and Mumbai… No doubt about that… but, what more joy can anyone get with a better income at the cost of one’s family life, an affectionate friendship, a meaningful celebrations of effervescent festivals? I find that life is further than money. I would rather say to everyone here, “forget Dubai and forget Gulf countries… east or west home is best…”

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