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Thread: MTV Roadies TV Serial on MTV

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    i appreciate MTV for telecasting this kind of a programme. the show really finds out talented guys. but jury members have been little rude to one of the participant with a view of misogamist. they yelled and bantered the guy. i dont remember his name though i was really shocked the way they handled the things. i agree that his views, his opnions and the way he flaunted might be wrong but he is just 20 yrs and blooming bud rather i can say he might give silly answers and filled the form with all nonsense but wat happened to celebrites? they must know how to sort out the things. this is really worst, i have never seen such, specially Raghuram ways of talking.

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    I think nowadays it has become a common thing for average indian to appear on tv and earn few bucks with reality shows virtually appearing on every channel you can find and mtv too has a reality show mtv roadies which has run into its third installment which is hosted by former roadies participant rannvijay. The show believe me is an wholesome entertainment package and quite different from other shows on air though it canít be denied it is inspired by survivor and other American shows. The concept of show is very simple first thirteen best participants are selected among thousands after various test and then the show begins. These thirteen are then made to ride throughout India on bikes and have to undergo various test and obstacles and also there is a elimination round at end of every episode .the prizes are great also with top five roadies winning karizma bikes and last surviving participant winning cash accumulated on the way. The show pace is nice but it does have bitching and back scratching like other shows. I think Rannvijay hosts show well and favorite according to me to win this year is Rahul

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    its pure evil with western ware GIRLS ARE THAT ARE THEY ARYANS ARE CHANDALS

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