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Thread: Career Option for Forensic Science in Abroad

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    Career Option for Forensic Science in Abroad

    Do you have any idea about what are the career opportunity available for Forensic Science student in abroad can anybody give me an clear detail about this course, I have zero knowledge about this course.

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    Well I want to make one thing very clear that forensic science has been originated from the developed countries so it definitely has more career options in abroad. The reason for the more opportunities is the requirement of scientists to identify the maximum number of evidences by a minute observance of every aspect of a well managed and well organized crime. These well organized crimes are still not so common in our country. You can find out highly equipped and facilitated forensic labs in abroad.
    In India, many institutes are offering courses related to forensic science after 12th and graduation. You can complete your course and can get a job in CBIs forensic lab or can look for options in abroad.

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