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Thread: Modest Clothing for Girls

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    When my daughter was a toddler, it was very easy to find modest clothing for her. now she is 6 and it's become difficult to find modest clothing for her to wear. Everything is having bare back and hip hugging etc. but in case i find such clothing somewhere they r fashionable and highly priced. wud u highly priced modest clothes or cheaply priced immodest clothes for ur kid?

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    I wud pay a little bit more money for modest clothes. I've been turned off often at how skimpy clothes are nowadays.

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    Choose fashionable and modest clothes for ur girl.

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    Choose any modest clothes that preserve culture, tradition, gender and dignity. Do not purchase or habituate skimpy or low hip jeans or any tomboyish clothes. Let her look like an angel.

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    As girls grow older the choice of clothing is very trendy and true baring too. My daughter is 6 too . I buy frocks and teem them up with leggings, If the top is halter necked it can be worn only during summer so I don't buy them. When you are shopping for clothes for girls don't waste too much time picking as they tend to copy you and become very fussy... Buy basics for daily wear like track pants and T-shirts, skirts and tops (*let them wear leggings or cycling shorts with it ). For festive occasions buy salwar kammez/ ghagras etc....

    Best of luck

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    I agree! Kids fashion has come a long way since what it used to be.. Kids nowadays try to ape what they see on TV and want to dress up like their favorite TV star()s. No wonder the surge in fancy (sometimes vulgar) clothes for kids. So many times I see kids wearing figure hugging skimpy outfits and high heels that it is completely overrides their childhood.

    Honestly, I don't mind spending a bit more to get good smart clothes for my kids. Its always better to spend some money and get branded clothes. This weekend, I happened to visit the Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear store at South Ex. They had a great collection of clothes.. lovely colors and great fabric. I picked up some stuff for my niece and also got a free beanie with it

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