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Thread: Fathers day greetings fathers day free ecards

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    Fathers day greetings fathers day free ecards

    Hi people in the whole world,

    FATHER, by hearing the word itself we get love, affection, strength, friendship, support etc.. I Love my Father, he also loves me and guides me each and everyday.
    On Father's Day, Let all the son's and daughter's show how much we love our father and express our love by giving E cards.

    F – Friendly
    A – Affectionate
    T - Talented
    H - Heavenly
    E - Energetic
    R – Relationship

    Few words for my lovable father!!
    R is for Red
    Red is for Blood
    Blood is for Heart
    Heart is for Love
    Love is for You My one and only Father!!!

    Am sharing a link with you people to express your love towards your father!!!

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    Hi! It is often have been seen that we take our father granted and not feel necessary to express our feelings to them. I feel that every day father’s day should be celebrated. It is not just that we wait for father’s day and on that particular day showing our love & respect of whole year.

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