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Thread: Need your option on IFF School. Kindly help.

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    Need your option on IFF School. Kindly help.

    Hi, My names Adam and I am a citizen of the UK. My wife is Indian and she insists that our son should get his primary education in her country. We are exploring the option of putting him in a good residential school in India. Can anybody suggest any good schools in India? I have heard a lot about IFF school from a few of my wife's friends. Any idea how the school is? I did some research and I find their teaching methodology quite interesting. I would like to know your feedback on this. Thanks.

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    Not much, but I also have heard about IIF and its methodology to teach students. You definitely can go for this. The school offers many activities, which is required for building personality beyond books.
    For more details visit http://www.iffschool.in, this is the official website of the IIF School. Apart from this school, you have various other options to exercise for your kidís admission.

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