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Thread: Indigo Airlines Review

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    hi friends!
    In january, I used Indigo airlines for my trip from Kolkata to Guwahati. weather on that day was very bad and almost all flights were rescheduled or cancelled. i took a sigh of relief when i saw that indigo was on right time! Check-in was very fast and smooth and security check for passengers was also proper. The flight staff and attendents were courteous. you'll feel good to be in the Indigo as their flights are brand new. you can freely buy snacks and drinks on board. i wud definitely suggest indigo for economy class travelers.

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    I have traveled from Delhi to Kolkata on 24th January and it was great experience for me.
    Their flights are brand new, clean and the seats are pretty comfortable, much larger than Jet Airways flight seats. The air-hostesses were really beautiful and their hospitality was also good. They have the normal Tropicana, coke cans, peanuts and cookies, sold at MRP. Mineral water is obviously free and you can have as much as you want.
    In general I would say, these guys are low cost airlines but good that they donít compromise on quality.

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    I have traveled from Delhi to Mumbai on 4th May and it was great trip. It took just one and half hour to reach thier at mumbai airport. The flight was tidy and perfectly clean, was not brand new, the seats were comfortable as well. The air hostesses caring and so was their hospitality and all. there were no subsidiary food, i guess. If you wish to book your trip to mumbai or any other city I will recommend you to book from same place as [url]http://www.indigoairline.co.in[/url]

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    I was travelling from Delhi to Kolkata via Indigo Flight 6E209 on sunday 19th Oct. We were 2 adults, one child and one infant. I was enroute from London to Delhi to Kolkata to LOndon. On check in we were informed by the staff that we were excess baggage by 33 kgs. I had a total of 93 kgs and was told that we were allowed only 60kgs. The staff were very uncooperative despite showing them my international tickets and that we were in transit, which allowed us 30 kgs per ticket. The manager, Mr Neeraj Ailawadi, came when I insisted and his explanations were that Indigo had a fixed baggage policy even if someone was in international transit. Indigo apparently does not share any transit arrangements, they are a low cost airline, were some of the arguments provided. He even said that there was no baggage allowance for infants... and he KINDLY gave us a GENEROUS waiver of 10kgs. Eventually as we were getting held up, I had to pay the extra baggage for 23 kgs - Rs. 1600.
    At no point during our booking was this mentioned to us, and infact it would have been cheaper and more comforatable for us to have travelled by Jet or Indian Airline etc.. taking into account that we had to shell out extra amounts for baggage and food on flight. I shall take this matter with the athourities in Indigo, and definitely in future no one from my family, friends and colleagues shall fly with Indigo.

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    IndiGo a leading Domestic Indian Airlines which offers always cheap affordable,

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