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Thread: How to deal with stubborn children

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    How to deal with stubborn children

    Hey all.
    My name is Vishal and I am an artist. I want to pass on this information of how to deal with stubborn children.
    Do not force your child to follow your rules and regulation.
    Praise him/her when they they achieve something big or small.
    Though they are are younger but elders should give them respect because they deserve it.
    Parents should be friend to their child and help them to solve problem if they have any.
    Do not shout or be rude to your child as it affects child mind in a very bad way.
    Always try to listen to your child and understand what they want to say.
    Don't show anger to your child if they do something wrong or demand something which according to you is not required. This is my own personal experience and I hope this it might be helpful for all those parents who needs it.

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    This is a nice tip for the parents, I know youíre a good dad for your kid. Itís true we should leave them as they want to be let the Childers be themselves and grow and achieve whatever they want to become. As a parents let us guide the in the right way and let us be an example for them so that they can learn from you.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Hey Vishal thanks for giving such a wonderful information,these are really very good tips for parents.

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    Hi Mr. Vishal,

    Even I do agree with you with one point which you have shared with everyone. “Parents should be friend to their children's” this is one of point which I really liked and I really feel that each and every parent should be a friend to their children's, so that they feel really comfortable sharing their personal think which they go through everyday in their life. It is very Important to every parents to play the role of a Friend in their life's, I would really ask the parents to try to be a friend with then and then being a parent to their children's and see the changes in them!!!

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