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Thread: Scope of BSC(IT)

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    Scope of BSC(IT)


    The job scope for B.Sc IT student is only in IT companies who majorly recruit Engineering student because of their knowledge and more practical experience.

    I have no idea about idea the pay package. The Engineering students are given more preference than B SC(IT) at present.

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    Let me make you aware of one thing that B.Sc IT doesn’t mean that you just can work with an IT company. You can also go for telecommunication and office automation as well. Listen this is true that this course can’t promise you a high level job but gives you an opening for working in a profession environment with multinational companies. You just can look for entry-level jobs but after pursuing a higher degree like MCA or M.Sc IT, you can be equivalent to engineering students. You can be a lab instructor in any educational institute or school and even you have caliber start making software and sell them in market.
    You have many options but think of a better degree as well.

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