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Thread: Give me some ideas to Choose a Study Abroad Program

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    Give me some ideas to Choose a Study Abroad Program


    I am Supreet planning to study abroad. Please some one give me an idea about study abroad program. About the procedures and formalities.

    Please advice me.

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    Hi Supreet,
    It is fine that you are interested in studying abroad. Will you please tell me that what right now you are doing? It will be easier for me to suggest you about the courses. See I know that it is very fascinating to study in overseas but we need to have a focused ambition for that because the expenses are not easily affordable, which we can waste just for our pleasure. It is true that universities in abroad offers multiple options but what option is good for us we can never know unless we donít proper idea about it.
    As far as procedures are concerned, there are multiple exams like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS which is taken before getting into any abroad university. All of these examinations vary according to choice of selection of universities or the courses you are willing to peruse. So first, tell me that what you want to do exactly.

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    Hi Supreet

    ya,its gud to be study in abroad..but every thing is depend upon interest and attitude..so firstly set your mind for one of the particular field....coz some times there are several peoples..who's join the courses not for there future...coz they used dis like a way to settled to abroad...but if you are carrier oriented..then join best classes talk to best consultants....

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