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Thread: US Visa Interview Question

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    US Visa Interview Question

    Hi friends, I am tanu from Mumbai. I have completed my 2nd PUC. For further studies I am planning to go to US. I have applied for US visa. Next week I have my interview. I am aware of few questions that the consulate officer asks during the interview for the US student visa. But I would you guys to help to get all the possible questions that can be asked and also what are the things to be kept in mind while appearing for an interview. Please reply.

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    Hello tanu, even one of friend had appeared for US visa interview. I can provide you with those lists. Hope it will of help for you.

    1. What is the purpose of your trip?
    2. Why did you select US for higher studies? Isn't this course offered by any university or college in India?
    3. Which US University are you planning to go to?
    4. How many US universities did you apply for?
    5. What course are you going for?
    6. What benefit will bring this course to you?
    7. Where did you do your last course of study?
    8. What does your father do?
    9. Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?
    10. What are you plans after completing your studies?
    11. Do you have any relatives in the US?
    12. How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?

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