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Thread: King's Speech Review

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    Thumbs up King's Speech Review

    The movie recounts the story of Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George or 'Bertie' (Colin Firth). Not only does he suffer a lisp, stutters and stammers but he is also unsure of himself and considers himself unworthy of the throne. This Oscar winning actor plays his role to perfection and the portrayal of a stoic King which has room for only a slight grimace and a tonal shift to his baritone is marvelous. Revealing the story line will spoil the surprise for you and it is best advised to see this wonderful period drama for yourself to believe the depth, sensitivity and its excellent screenplay! The story line of the film does justice to the immensely talented cast of the film, a special mention must be made of Geoffrey Rush's impeccable timing as the eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue and Helena Bonham Carter's endearing demeanor as Queen Elizabeth. Based on a true story this not just another historical film but it is a film where you can empathize and relate to the pressures of the heavy crown. It is a story that is not preachy, neither sentimental and nor triumphal. Courage, duty and responsibility are the core values projected and the beautiful, subtle yet powerful background score assists in this portrayal. A movie much deserving the Oscars and definitely a must watch for movie-lovers as well.

    Any1 to second me on this?

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    Kings Speech Review

    Excellent movie. The casting was also terrific. I could see the young Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen Mum. Also, there was some beautiful cinematography that would be missed on the smaller screen. I'm going to see it again on the big screen. Love, love, loved this movie.
    When Colin Firth was in town last week for the Palm Springs Film Festival I did not go to the mix and mingle. Because I'm cheap, and the tickets were on the high side. However, friends went and they said Colin fielded questions for about an hour afterward. My friend Kevin said he was awesome. ; Colin also said that he has a sister who is or was a speech therapist so I'm sure he got a lot of info from her on his role.
    He deserves all the awards he can get. Did anyone hear his comment on the GG's last night? It was something about thank goodness he'd won because the award was the only thing between himself and a Harley Davidson. Mid life crisis, anyone? It was cute.

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