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Thread: Longest bridges in the United States

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    Longest bridges in the United States

    Hi friends,
    Myself and my friends are planning to arrange a trip to United States, my friends are interested in visiting the longest bridges in United States, so can anybody guide me by providing list of longest bridges available in this country, which helps us to make our trip happy.

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    Hi Sita,
    You and you friends seem quite interesting, I mean, I have never seen someone who is planning a trip and inquisitive about visiting Longest Bridges. It can be possible that brides come along our way, then we have a chance to visit them but planning to visit seems a unique hobby. Here is the list of the longest bridges of Unites States.
    Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
    Manchac Swamp Bridge
    Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
    Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
    Bonnet Carré Spillway
    Jubilee Parkway
    San Mateo-Hayward Bridge
    General W.K. Wilson Jr. Bridge
    Norfolk Southern Lake Pontchartrain Bridge
    Chacahoula Swamp Bridge
    Twin Span
    Mackinac Bridge
    James River Bridge
    Chesapeake Bay Bridge
    Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

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