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Thread: PNR Status Southern Railway

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    PNR Status Southern Railway

    Hi people I just want to know can we check PNR Status, seat availability and train timings online??? Do Southern railways have facilities??? If yes, please share the website guys.

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    Hi friend! Definitely u can check PNR Status, seat availability and train timings on the following site http://www.sr.indianrailways.gov.in/ It is a link of southern railway and u can check here all important information regarding trains.

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    Hey everyone, I would like to share a website link with all, to check the PNR status in an easy way. Just log into the website given below and enter tyou 10 digit no.
    www.pnrstatus.info this website was given to me by one of my friends. And this website helped me in checking my PNR Status. I hope this website will also help others to check their status,

    And I would also like to share one more Tip with you to check the status through sms in your Mobile. Just type PNR followed by your 10 digit PNR number For Example: PNR1234567890 and send the SMS to 139.

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    Post To check the status on mobile send sms to 56161

    Send a SMS
    "PNR {10-digit PNR}"

    PNR 1152361387

    Check this link: http://www.irctcpnr.in/pnr-status-mobile

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    PNR Status Southern Railway

    hi friend

    Now it is very easy to find the PNR status you can just send the sms by you are cell . To receive a list of available SMS commands, simply send TRAIN to 5676747. You will get a reply similar to, "Welcome to railzone. Reply with PNR - PNR Status, TL - Train List, TA - Ticket Availability, , send a SMS "PNR <your PNR number>" without the double quotes to 5676747.

    And for more details you can log in to
    PNR status : www.pnrstatus.info

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