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Thread: Polish passport application

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    Polish passport application

    Hey all
    My name is Sujal and I want information regarding online details of polish passport application. Polish passports are given to Polish citizens to travel outside of Poland. Polish citizens can use their normal ID card in order to travel inside European union. If anyone has applied for it through online then please pass on the information to me so that I will get an idea about it.

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    If anyone wants to apply for Polish Passport, he will have to make available his Polish citizenship certification, which is given to the permanent resident of Poland by submitting an application at the Provincial Office local to their place of residence. A person staying abroad can submit the application only at the Polish consulate local to their place of residence.
    For more details about the Polish passport application, visit the official website http://www.en.yourpoland.pl/2_polish-passport.html, the link will give you maximum information about the procedures of making passport.

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