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Thread: US business visa interview questions

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    US business visa interview questions

    Hey all
    My name is Karthik and I am BBM graduate with 2year experience in Finance dept. Now I am joining Goldman sach and the company is sending me US for training. They told me that it will be on the basis of Business visa interview questions and I am new to this visa world. If anyone knows anything about it then please guide me with the interview question pattern of it and also provide me the information regarding its preparations.

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    As far as basis of visa interview questions are concerned, there is no fix base of these questions. It can be related to your job profile or purpose to visit the country. Questions related to prior work experience, education and sometimes family background can be asked during the business visa interview. Be confident in answering the questions and make sure that you are not hiding or lying to interviewees otherwise after getting caught, you can be in trouble.

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