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Thread: Article 19 Films

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    Article 19 Films

    What was the real reason behind the ban of The DA Vinci Code which was directed under the terms and conditions of Article 19 films? Was it because the story was alleged to hurt the religious sentiments of Christians and Muslims. Does anyone know about its ban story? Reply.

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    You are right that the film was made on terms and conditions of article 19 films but still it was banned in India because of some interruptions done by religious propagandists.
    I would like explain that what exactly is “article 19 films”, it is a production company which makes social conscious documentary films. Most of the times, it becomes the part of any political or religious controversy.
    Although films produced by this article 19 films are very good but I don’t about the DA Vinci Code. It is said that in the film, Prophet Jesus Christ was shown in a bad light and he was having a son. This was intolerable for Muslim communities and they asked to ban the movie.

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