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Thread: Green Card Fiance

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    Green Card Fiance

    I am Richard from U.S. I am soon going to marry an Indian girl. Our marriage will be held in U.S. I want to apply a green card for her. May I know will she be eligible for it? Please tell me about its procedure and what the duration period is?

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    Hi Richard!
    You can avail Green card for your Indian girl after marriage after following procedure consists of multiple steps. You will have to fulfill some requirements and file few forms to get green card for her.
    You are supposed to submit some documents, which can proof that your girl friend is eligible to apply for a green card through marriage. Condition will be like that an American citizen is sponsoring her by filing a petition for his wife.
    There are many requirements for both the sponsor and green card applicant.
    The procedure will be like changing from a non-immigrant visa into an immigrant visa after filing the petition and only if she is present in US. It will give her the right to live in US and obtain a green card.

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