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Thread: Sources of Islamic Law

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    Sources of Islamic Law

    Hi all,
    I am sayyad a great follower of Allah. I would like to know what are the basic sources of Islamic law which has been mentioned in part three by the Prophet Muhammad. Please tell me from where I can get information on this?

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    Hi Sayyad,
    There are four main sources of Islamic law.
    In which, the Quran and the Sunna is known as the primary sources of Islamic law and Qiyas and Ijma are known as the secondary sources.
    Quran is the holy scripture of Islam consists of the religious actions whereas Sunna is the collections of quotations from Islamic Prophet Muhammad, which are written by his immediate followers.
    Qiya is reasoning by analogy and one of secondary sources for Islamic law.
    Ijma consists of a common agreement of a group of jurists of a era on a specific issue. It is the fourth and final source of Islamic law

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