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Thread: Dubai tallest building

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    Dubai tallest building

    Hey all
    My name is Kanika and I am a student. This summer vacation my family is planning for trip to Dubai and I am really excited about it. Now before going to Dubai , I want to know about tallest building in Dubai so that I can tell my parents to take me there. I got to know from many of my friends that Dubai has the tallest building in the world and this had made me very inquisitive about it. So guys if anyone has any clue about the tallest building in Dubai then please pass on the details to me. Please people do reply.

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    It is great that your family is planning to visit Dubai, but in summer?? Dubai sucks in summers; anyway it is a very beautiful and well managed city. The tallest building of Dubai, about which you are talking, is BURJ KHALIFA. This is not just tallest building of Dubai rather tallest building in the world. If you want to know more about this tallest building, check on website http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/ .

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    the burj Dubai is the tallest building in dubai.i am never go there but i wanna go there to see this.

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    Hey friend,

    Never miss to visit the world’s skyscraper – Burj Khalifa. This is considered to be the world’s tallest building. I would like to add some of the records of this Burj in this thread. This has

    World's highest nightclub - 144th floor
    World's highest restaurant
    World's second highest swimming pool
    World's highest outdoor observation deck
    World's highest New Year display of fireworks

    Never miss this great wonder in Dubai!!!

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    leh eetstas

    Yes you all are right . this time Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world but construction of another building is continue that will be taller than burj khalifa and that building name is KINGDOM TOWER But it will open till 2017.

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