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Thread: Google talk emoticons

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    Google talk emoticons

    Hey all
    My name is Priya and I am really found of Google talk emotions as its make the online chatting so easy, interesting and very cool. I see many of my friends using it and even I want to use it. I don't have any idea how to make emotions faces while chatting. I tried many times but was of no use. So guys if any one has any idea about it then please suggest me the way to learn all the emotions faces as I really want to learn it. Please guys do reply.

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    It is not difficult to use Google talk emoticons but this feature is available in G-talk labís edition.
    The link is http://www.google.com/talk/labsedition/, to use these emoticons you need to remember some symbols and using of shift keys.
    See these are the symbols of google talk emoticons.
    - grin

    - frown

    x-( - angry

    B-) - cool

    :í( - crying

    =D - big smile

    =) - big grin

    :-| - straight face

    ;^) - big nose

    ;-) - wink

    :-) - smile w/nose

    :-/ - skeptical

    :P - sticking tongue out

    :-o - shocked

    <3 - heart

    |) - monkey

    \m/ - rock out

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