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Thread: How to apply for citizenship after green card

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    How to apply for citizenship after green card

    Hello everyone
    My name is Brad and I'm US citizen. I got married 3years ago and my wife is not US citizen. She received her green card after two month of marriage. Next month it will be almost three years she received her green card. I want to know that can she apply for citizenship now????or do she has to wait for more time???? If she can apply now then do any of you have any idea which form she has to fill. Guys please pass on the information to me if you have any clue about it as its urgent. Please reply soon.

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    Hi Brad,
    Anyone can apply for citizenship of America; when he or she is a permanent resident of America by law (it means; one should be a green card holder, which your wife is).
    In general cases, a non-US citizen is supposed to show that his continuous permanent residence in US for minimum 5 years. But since your wife is married to a US citizen, the duration can be of 3 years. This duration should be accurate not even a single day less will be considered.
    You will have to prove that your wife was physically present in US from last 30 months and she lived for 3 months in the state or USCIS district where she is claiming her residence.
    For more information about the citizenship and green card have a look on: http://www.uscis.gov/

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