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    Let just count the number of times ,we use Thanx and Sorries per day.
    Sometimes the thought comes in my mind, when i should use them and when to not and,to whom should i use them and whom to not.
    Earlier when i was in college, the percentage of using of these words was very less ,compared with what i am using now a days.
    Is just i am doing it as formality or really i mean it ,i am saying this to person ,bcoz i want to keep some distance between him and me or i want to maintian a relationship with them.
    i been to bangalore 15 days back,where i met my friend (deshmukh) after a long time.we stayed together for two days with all other friends and enjoyed a lot.At last ,while he was going to his home ,he said to me and to another friend vilas "thanx for meeting and for fun".
    whether it was necessary to tell like that to us,as we know each other since 8-10 years,no formality came between us earlier,then why today it came between us.
    Or may be he just told it as usual ,bcoz while going back ,he wanted to say some thing and said in this way.

    Earlier we never bothered about telling thanx for any help we made each other,and never bothered to tell sorry for problems we created for each other.and also we never expected such formalities from our friends.
    and this indicates the understanding between the relations.

    As i sometime thinks, using words is just the formality.
    Does it indirectly somewhere indicating that we are becoming professinal in our personal life.
    One thing i can say ,that,the way of life has changed a lot after ,we started working ,compared to how it was ,when we were in college.
    Ofcourse i say thanx and sorries so many times to my colleagues just for silly reason.
    and the percenage of usage of these two is more ,when i will be in chennai or bangalore compared to bijapur my home town.
    yes... i feel the usage of Thanx and sorries depends upon environment where we are using,relation with person.

    I can write my definiton for using these two...
    If person is unknown to you, tell thanx if he has done small help.
    If person is known but if we have relationship for particular reason or if we have some distance between our relationship,then see the situation and use it,dont simply every time use it for eveything otherwise,it will decrease the value of Thanks or Sorry.
    if person is enough close,dont bother to tell at all,u can sometimes tell ,if it was great help,instead share your feeling with them about how much glad we felt by getting help,or how much we regretted if we created any problems.

    Atlast i can say "leave about others ,but i am becoming too much professional,otherwise i would have not used my blog ,for drawing line between the situation for thanks and sorries".

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    I am not 100% agree with you. Some times things depend on Country-Time and Circumstances. Every thing has its own value and gravity. By the way I impressed!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There shudnt be restrictions as to when to say thank you or say sorry....
    Its human nature & well mannered....

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    Depends on time and situation

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