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Thread: Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends India

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    Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends India

    Hey Guys,

    One of my friends is getting married in the month of September; we friends are selecting the best invitation cards for his marriage, so I would like to put a request on you people to share some links related to Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends. Please do the needful as soon as possible.

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    Hey convey my regard to your friend, I will share some sample wordings and links below have a look it

    Two lives, two hearts
    Joined together in friendship,
    United forever in love.
    It is with joy that we,
    (Brides Name)
    (Grooms Name)
    Invite you to share in a
    Celebration of love
    as we exchange our marriage vows
    at (time)
    on (Day, Date, Year)
    (Venue Name)
    (Venue Address)
    (Venue City, State)


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    Wedding is the celebration of marriage by a couple with various companions, this will be the most unforgettable auspicious day for the couple and their parents, so when inviting the people with the invitation, the invitation should have pleasant appearance with great lovable wordings in it. Here are few sample Invitation Wording for Friends!!

    Please join us
    For a celebration of love, friendship, laughter, and family
    Marry Ann Ramos
    Thomas George Johnsons
    Join their hands in (venue)

    Because you've shared in their lives
    by your friendship and love,
    we are very proud to share the happy news.
    daughter of PARENTS
    son of PARENTS
    Are Getting Married in a small wedding

    We have experienced love
    In our parents, our families and friends
    and now a new love in each other
    together with our parents, we
    Invite you to share with us a celebration of love

    Because you have believed in them,
    Celebrated with them
    Loved and encouraged them,
    We, Grooms Parents
    And Brides Parents
    Ask you to join us in honoring our children
    Lady LastName
    Gent LastName
    As they celebrate the beginning of their adventures together
    Date and location
    Bring your dancing shoes, dinner and music immediately following ceremony..

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    My simple wording for bride & groom: "We are made for each other to attain the highest happiness"

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    One of my friends is getting married in the month of September; we friends are selecting the best invitation cards for his marriage.Today we will discuss about the Islamic wedding invitations Wording. Of course, as always, we will give examples of islamic wedding invitations Wording. Wedding invitation wording is an important part of invitation etiquette. Usually friends, relatives and acquaintances, who need to be present at the occasion.

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    The Islamic wedding invitation format is been shared with you for reference.

    ''In the name of Allah the most gracious, the ever merciful''
    The honor or your presence is requested at the Wedding of

    (Daughter of Mr. XXXX and Mrs. XXXX )

    (son of Mr. XXXX and Mrs. XXXX)

    Reception is to take place

    on Saturday, May 27, 2012
    Promptly at 7:00 pm

    at the XXXX (Venue)

    Kindly RSVP :
    XXXX : XXXX(Tel)
    XXXX : XXXX(Tel)

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    Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends India


    Wedding invites Wording can be a mirrored image or expression of the hearts of individuals inviting to guests. The contents of the marriage invite is definitely numerous, given the habit and politeness in each region of the globe is totally different. There short Wedding invites Wording and long Wedding invites Wording. There a proper Wedding invites Wording, some are casual. the items that have an effect on the content of those wedding invites are as follows: the primary is: Who is invited. “Who invited” here additionally suggests that anyone who will hold the event. this can be vital, given the one that invited ought to be listed within the wedding invites. Included during this is how North family conditions that invite. the purpose is that the oldsters of the groom or the bride if they're divorced, separated, remarried, widowed or different standing.


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    Hey Adithya,

    This is the first time; I came to know that there is some etiquette for the Wedding Invitation Contents. For my friends’ wedding and all, we just gave the contents for printing and invited all just like that. Thanks for sharing such valuable information; I will follow this in the upcoming weddings of my friends.

    Once again, thanks to all…

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