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Thread: Top 10 handsome men in India

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    Top 10 handsome men in India

    Hi People,
    I want know your thoughts about top ten handsome men in India. Can anyone list out them. I'm eagerly waiting for your response. Hope you reply as soon as possible.

    Please and Thanks.....

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    I have a very good thought on the top 10 handsome men in India. Especially all the girls would have answered for this question. According me I have a list which I would like to share with you dear.

    Top 10 handsome men

    2)Hrithik Roshan
    3)Mahesh Babu
    4)Sharukh Khan
    5)Abhishek Bachchan
    6)Akshay Kumar
    7)Salman Khan
    8)Aamir Khan
    10) John Abraham

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    Top 10 handsome men in India

    Handsome doesn't refer to outer appearance alone. It also refer to how one carries himself, intelligent and talent . There are many handsome men who rocked with their looks and good qualities .here is my list of handsome men.
    1 AJay devgan
    2 Arjun rampal
    3 Sidharth
    4 rajneesh duggal
    5 Tarun
    6 Upen patel
    6 sonu nigam
    7 Jeeva
    8 Tushar kapoor
    9 jairam
    10 vijay

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    Smile Top ten handsome men in India

    Top ten handsome men in India:
    1.Manohar Hirani
    2.Hrithik Roshan
    3.Imran khan
    4.Ranbir kapoor
    5.John Abraham
    6.MS dhoni
    7.Shahrukh khan
    8.Ranbir singh
    9.Shahid kapoor
    10.Virat kohili

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    Handsome or Beauty does not refer to outer appearance alone. It refers to other factors such as how the men carries himself, intelligence and other talents. There are many handsome men who rocked the world with their looks, talents and great qualities. I have listed below...

    10. Kunal Kapoor
    9. Abhishek Bachchan
    8. Neil Nitin Mukesh
    7. Abhay Deol
    6. Ranbir Kapoor
    5. Akshay Kumar
    4. Salman Khan
    3. John Abraham
    2. Hrithik Roshan
    1. Shahrukh Khan

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    Hi Friends...

    I had a good time reading your views, sounds pretty good. People think only in one perspective that is if they are asked a question who is handsome or name some handsome men, they would immediately name a hero or their boyfriend’s…. but here, on my personal point of view I would like to tell my two awesome brothers and my dad are the most handsome men in the world. Try different.

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